A wave of new literacy

Flashpoint: “… And a new term emerges: teacher-students with student-teachers… They become jointly responsible for a process in which all the grow.” Paulo Freire p419 

Society is always evolving with the introduction of new technologies and a new wave of thinking. According to Jay Bolter, there is a “late age of print” that has hindered literacy in the classroom. Schools have needed to update the teaching methods in order to account for the upgrade in literacy. The case studies follow four young men and women on their journey through literacy in order to understand where they acquired such a thing. Whether education was stressed or not in the household or the materials were made available to the young mind, the students learned literacy in many realms. Danielle learned academic prose and rules from online gaming sites which she did very well in.  The tools available such as online gaming are a new concept. Joseph found his literacy in computers as well and continued it will pursuing graphic design. Brittany extended her social life into the viral world utilizing her networking capabilities and communication skills to connect with friends on the web. The ways the computer had taught individuals different literacies is immense. Whether it is visual literacy, digital literacy or contributing to the new-media literacies; the computer has established new ground in society. This can be captured and utilized in classrooms in order to reach out to the many different kinds of students. Working together, students and teachers blend using new media literacies. 

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